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Panera Session II

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May. 18th, 2006 | 03:51 pm

    After a day of car title difficulties and fake death dates (I'll let your mind waunder on that one) and a little Daddy-Daughter time, KC rescues me, and now we sit side by side in my little nook at Panera. I didn't get the same ditsy girl at the counter again, so my sandwich actually cost the full amount this time. God bless idiots, they make veggie sandwiches cheaper, thus making the world go round... at least in this avacado-lovin girl's eyes, thats for sure. KC went to get his ham/cheese/tomato (I'm sure you were curious) and returned to point out a long lost and forgotten semi-acquaintance from our past. You know the kind... a friend of a friend's exboyfriend. We all have little awkward acquaintances like that in our lives. I don't dare say hello to him, he's too distant in more ways than one. This kid is special, hair like a brilo pad mated with a jerry-curl, but his face has filled out some (freshmen 15, eh?) and he's growing some facial fuzz. He's sitting there all alone at a table in the middle of the room - theres no doubt that he's waiting for someone - he inspects his purchases as I eye the bags they are housed in: Hollister and Aeropostale... wannabee Abercrombie and wannabe American Eagle. I'm interupted by a diligent little Panera worker bee, wiping down table tops and crumbling up discarded receipts, letting a routine and purely rehearsed "How's it goin, guys?" escape from his lips. My nook is clean, but now free of people to observe. I'll eat my veggie sandwich now and watch KC silently curse at nerdy little video games (he's too adorable when he shakes his fist at the computer screen) until someone interesting surfaces.

    Goldmine! Old man with elastic waist pants at 10 o'clock! And his shirt is tucked in... I love old men, god bless 'em they only care about efficiency and comfort, fashion is for the birds. Back to McChinFuzz, he's left his bags unattended (he must know how completely tacky Hollister is now, perhaps he saw my judgemental glances) and is now ordering a coffee. He's too trustworthy. Does he know how theify people in this world are? Does he know that I just made up the word theify? I can't draw a conclusion about either, but sure. He's ordered a sinful dessert. Two plates? Either he ordered a large amount and the waiter assumed it could only be for two people, or it affirms the fact that he is indeed waiting on someone. If the latter is true, they are incredibly late. Heeeey, maybe he is Mister McHottie Myspace from yesterday's observation! I wonder if I'll see McWifiWonderBoy again today! One can only hope that those two find fresh-baked Panera lovin on a fine Thursday.. Awww... sorry to disappoint you, kids... he merely ordered way too much dessert, he has no date. He just got up (took his bags with him this time) and discarded his plate and McInvisibleDate's as well. He pushes his chair in, and waves at someone behind the counter. It suddenly all becomes clear, he has the hots for the girl behind the counter... he has found his Taylor-the-latte-girl, but alas, her shift isn't over for another hour or so. He hangs his head, and walks out the door. Goodbye McChinFuzz, I'll miss you.

    Say hello to McMommy with her far too expensive for dirty diapers Vera Bradley baby bag... oh, and she has a kid with her, too. She looks stressed, her hair is a bit oily, she has bags under her eyes (and expensive bag at her side). She isn't alone, a pregnant friend emerges from behind the fireplace, with a small yellow Vera at her side, as well as a little munchkin (about 2 or 3, I'm assuming). McPrego needs to learn a thing or two before she pops that second bun out her oven... she just walked at least 20 paces away from the newborn baby belonging to McMommy. Having children is a difficult task, I'm sure. What do I think about when entering Panera? Where is a good seat? Will my nook be empty? Did I bring my cellphone? But my little McMommies have to think about who watches the kids while the other goes to browse the menu, keeping the terrible-twosie away from the baked goods, and if the beverages are "organic enough" to drink during pregnancy. Terrible-twosie is prancing around the kitchen area, reaking havoc and causing a whole staff to freak out at the sight of a two year old around piping hot beverages. McBun-in-the-Oven goes to run after Terrible-twosie leaving the newborn once again unattended.

    I was all ready to stop my observations for the day, but my nook is invaded by two more groups of girls. I like to call these anti-mommies. One wearing a "Blondes Have More Fun" t-shirt and the other is wearing a bright green bra. How do I know she is wearing a bright green bra? Because her shirt is incredibly thin. Yes, thats why. Its awful. America: STOP DRESSING TRASHY! Thank you... Anyway... I heard one of them say "Showers after the beach are the best feeling ever!" and I kind of have to agree with that one, they really are. The girls are munching silently, talking about trivial nonsense like girl's often do. Apparently one of the girl's was cheated on... I feel bad for her. I know nothing more than the fact that she was cheated on, but I still feel bad for her. Dishonesty in a relationship is the lowest of low, and cheating on your significant other is the worst kind of dishonesty. KC always says that you can't build a house without a good foundation - I agree with all my heart - honesty is that foundation, and without it everything built on top will crumble. Unfortunately even the seemingly strong relationships that have lasted for years sometimes have foundations that wash away. You both have to be willing to build and rebuild together, thats what its all about, sharing responsibility instead of placing blame, and working together to make things good again and again. I hope she finds peace in her relationship. So heres to you, McTheatreMajorette, I wish you well in all future relationships.

    A woman sits alone across from me, a bowl of soup, chunk of fresh bread, cup of hot coffee and small cup of water. The water is because you can't drink just coffee with a meal, you need to cleanse. I like that... I'm like that. She folds her hands and rests her forehead upon them and silently prays before her meal. While glancing at her I overhear one of McTheatreMajorette's friends discussing prayer with her peers. Only 5 areas in my nook, and three of them are filled with Christians. There is hope in this world, and thats more than enough for me to hold onto. Middle-aged McCoffee-and-Water woman pulls out a book: "Knitting Rules!" ... I think I love her.

This has been another random dose of Fly On the Blog... join me next time for more judgemental glances and insight into the lives of strangers. God Bless.

What this fly has learned: When one has their own pickle, they need not take anyone else's. (you can thank KC for that one).

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from: mynameissavanna
date: May. 19th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)

I really enjoy reading these.
I've added you on this journal. I hope that's alright.

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(no subject)

from: breeknee
date: May. 19th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)

Wonderful! In fact, I encourage it. :)

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