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flyontheblog's Journal

28 September
Fly on the Blog contains the things that I observe on a daily basis. I make observations about the complete strangers around me by listening in on their conversations or watching them from afar. I then interpret what I have seen. I turn each and every stranger into a character as if they are putting on a show for me, because in reality, aren't we always putting on some sort of show for someone? This whole thing started one day as I sat in a local Panera Bread after my boyfriend dropped me off so that I could have some "alone time" after a very stressful day. I was bored, and I wanted to be entertained, so I used the people seated around me as my puppets, and I put on a little show for myself. After posting my little Panera sitcom online, I received positive feedback from friends and decided to create a Livejournal devoted entirely to my observations and eavesdropping.

You should know that I tend to be judgemental, and I always draw conclusions in my writing. Just remember, all I know about these people is what I'm hearing in a short matter of time, so drawing conclusions is necessary and also something that cannot be helped.

If I have slandered you in my bloggisphere, feel honored, feel flattered, or be angry at me. But I suggest the former, because it means that I found you interesting for whatever reason. Remember, there is no such thing as bad publicity.